Why Transfer A Domain To Ginger Domain?

Ginger Domain makes it easy to transfer your existing domain name. Whether it’s .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz or .us, you can get your domain transferred swiftly with the help of Ginger Domain. Also, once the transfers are successful, you receive a one year extension on their registration term.

Do you want to transfer your domain names? Looking for help in this regard? Call us at +91 – 9320992214 / 9322105029 or email us on support@gingerdomain.com and our experts will aid you throughout this process.

Domain Name Transfer

Note :

Includes 1 Year Extension for FREE!

We offer the additional benefit of extending your domain name by one year at no additional cost.  If your domain is going to expire, say on 16th December 2014, and you place a transfer request on 12th October 2014; then the expiry date of your domain will be 16th December, 2015 after the completion of transfer.

Risk-Free Transfer

In case of any failure in domain transfer or cancellation due to some reason, we will credit your customer advance account with the complete amount that you paid for such transfer instantly without further questioning.

Seamless Transfer

Your domain will not encounter any problems during this process. This is because care is taken that there is no altercation to the name servers at any time during the transfer process.

On placing the order, the administrative contact of each domain name will receive an email notifying them about the transfer request. This email asks them for confirmation regarding such a transfer. On clicking the link inside these emails, transfer request will be sent to the registry. The registrar, who will be losing the domain, may send you emails for confirmation. You can simply ignore such emails.

Important :

If you have renewed your expired domain with your old registrar, then it is advisable not to transfer the domain within 45 days of previous expiry date. This is because you will not get 1 year extension on your domain name and hence, will lose the amount paid to the old registrar as renewal fees.

Domain names which have been previously transferred within the last 60 Days or the ones that have already been registered cannot be transferred due to the regulations imposed by the registry. You have to wait 60 days from the date of previous transfer or registration before applying for such a domain name transfer.

To transfer domain names to Ginger Domain, you require authorization codes. These can be obtained by contacting your current registrar. It is mandatory to provide authorization code as part of the transfer process.