Easy, fast & effective server & website monitoring

website monitoring services

Website Monitoring involves testing and verifying that end users can interact smoothly with the website. Our services focus solely on providing such end results that are reliable. Ginger Domain’s Website Monitoring team utilizes proper mix of service monitoring tools and a set of proprietary system level health. So, our system detects the problem and sends immediate notification to customers. All this ensures that your server performs optimally due to early detection of problems. On identifying such an issue, our Website Monitoring Team responds immediately so that the client is aware of the problem.

Whether the issue is software, hardware or network-related, our Website Monitoring team can provide immediate response to service interruptions. Ginger Domain supports HTTP(S), FTP(S), DNS, PING, TCP, SSL, SMTP, POP, etc. formats.

We help you in growing your business by aligning your IT and business goals and maximizing your ROI. We ensure that you get an instant alert when any of your services go down. You’ll be the first to know when an outage or slowdown occurs. We keep a watch on your websites and servers 24/7 so as to ensure that everything is in order.

Website Performance Monitoring

You will be alerted instantaneously about the performance and availability of websites from multiple locations globally owing to our monitoring services. By troubleshooting your website components, you can keep a track of response time and analyze end-users experience.

Web Page Analyzer

With our help, you can track performance of individual HTML components such as JavaScript, CSS and images. Also, if you are interested in knowing how your webpage is loading for viewers all around the world, we offer in-depth visibility. You can compare various website monitoring capabilities and view throughput of web server running main domains and sub-domains.

Services Monitoring

Ginger Domain supports the monitoring of HTTP(S), FTP(S), DNS, PING, TCP, SSL, SMTP, POP, etc. You can monitor the availability of critical services.

Application Performance Monitoring

You can easily track down offending code and pinpoint the major cause of issues from the cloud with our services as we continuously monitor your Java, .NET and Ruby on Rails web transactions.

Server Monitoring

Critical applications are run by server metrics such as CPU, Disk, Memory, Process, Services and Network Utilization of Linux and Windows servers. We monitor these metrics so as to ensure minimum overhead and maintenance costs.

DNS Server Monitoring

We ensure that your DNS server is resolving domain names correctly and DNS look-ups are working by continuous monitoring. Also, the response time for DNS resolutions and DNS look-ups can be monitored.

SSL Certificate Monitoring

Before the expiry of the SSL certificate of your website, you will be notified with an alert. In order to maintain customer confidence on your online presence, you need a valid SSL certificate.

Mail Server Monitoring

We ensure optimum performance by our constant mail server monitoring. This is similar to the actions of your email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird. The response time and performance of both outgoing SMTP and incoming POP/IMAP mail servers is monitored by us.

Alerts and Notifications

Ginger Domain ensures that you are notified of performance or downtime issues wherever you are, at any time via SMS and Email support.

Root Cause Analysis

To give you a conclusion about the cause of a problem or issue, we provide a comprehensive report based on trace route, ping output, DNS reports and web page screenshots. So, we analyse the problem to its root and straightaway fix the issue.