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Video SEO ServicesFree Consultation

We help you to understand the basic steps of how to create videos that will become an instant hit among your audience. We provide free tips on how to get more views, likes, comments, subscribers and such other tricks to make your YouTube videos viral.

Video SEO ReportMonthly Report

We keep a track on the progress of your music video. We provide you with details of all the stages involved in online marketing of your videos.

Social SharingSocial Sharing

Uploading and ensuring that your video/s get more views and exposure on popular social media sites. This is done by sharing your videos on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, social video sites, music communities, etc.

Search engine visibilitySearch Engine Visibility

Increase visibility of your video on search engines like Google and YouTube. We ‘ping’ your video so that it becomes easier to find it on these search engines when people type in the relevant keywords.

keyword optimizationKeyword Optimization

Obtain first page ranking on Google and YouTube search results for your video. We help in directing more traffic and views to your video by optimizing the keywords.

Video DistributionVideo Distribution

We ensure maximum reach by distributing your video to our network of publishers, social media and social video sites, paid music blogs and social bookmarking websites to gain more fans.