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Did you know that Facebook favors those profiles which have more than 5000 shares? So, in order to achieve better results, you need to have a great number of shares on your Facebook profile. You can manage this if Facebook features your profile to everybody and prompts them to share your page and its content. This will ensure that you get a fair amount of new traffic on a daily basis.

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There is no better way to make your post/s go viral than by sharing it. We share your posts with real users of Facebook. The post that goes on their wall can then be viewed by their friends. This ensures maximum reach and hence, increases the marketing value. The result of this type of campaigning will surely please you.  You can witness the rise in your virality and engaged users’ columns. Owing to the ownership of multiple networks, we can share your posts widely. Also, the SEO value of your company benefits greatly from these posts. If you include the link of your website in your posts, on sharing of such posts, thousands of Facebook backlinks (PR-9) are generated for you. This will help in boosting your ranking on Google as the backlinks are looked upon as real social backlinks. This promotional strategy can be adopted to attract more attention globally.