Delivering information to the right audience at the right time

Much like email marketing, even Bulk SMS marketing has become a prominent marketing tool what with the world wide spread of mobile phones. As a part of the mobile marketing industry, SMS marketing has become increasingly popular with more and more advertisement based SMS being sent each passing day. A company can send bulk text messages to a large number of people from its database of cellular contact numbers.SMS Marketing is also known as Text message marketing that acts as a link between online marketing and offline marketing. But like with email marketing, if not properly used, SMS marketing can be much unproductive. As a leading SMS marketing India based company, we make sending bulk sms messages for our clients a task that is mere child’s play and all the more fruitful.

SMS MarketingWe have a user friendly Bulk SMS Manager that makes possible for a single mass text messages to be sent to any cellular phone which uses a client’s web browser. There are no complications what so ever in going about doing this task. All one needs to do is to simply login to his account online and readily get started. As a medium of communication, SMS is among the most cost effective choice. It can be used to communicate with the customers as well as a company’s own staff.

Why Bulk SMS Advertising?

  • Deliver your Text ads at the exact time when you think your advertisement will have maximum impact.
  • It saves time as it is quick to Create, Conceptualize & Start the Campaign.
  • Direct reach to Audience
  • Cheaper, Faster and Instant results
  • SMS advertising is Cost – Effective
  • Every SMS will display a pre-defined Sender Name of the Company which directly halps in brand building.
  • Ideal for all age groups.

Features of our panel :

  • Create Mobile Group (Users to create Mobile Group)
  • Create Mobile Numbers
  • Broadcast (To broadcast message to a group of Mobile numbers or user group)
  • Bulk Messaging
  • Sender Id (It is the company name / brand name that will be displayed in inbox once a message is delivered to recipient)
  • SMS Gateway
  • Verifying Database against the Do not call Registry
  • We provide three different kinds of applications for sending Bulk SMS

SMS Desktop : It is the standalone application making enterprise messaging simple with an Interactive User Interface. This application is comprehensive enough to cater to the SMS needs of an enterprise rendering the service reliably. SMS can be done over the databases of all SIZES and COMPLEXITIES and can be scheduled over vast ranges and details of DATE & TIME with segmentations into groups. Generalized as well as customized SMSes are an equal delight with our Desktop Application. Every kind of SMS push can be configured in Manual and Automatic way.

Bulk SMS Online (Web Bases Interface) : It is the Online Version of the SMS Desktop to empower enterprises to access the same application over the internet. SMS Online is distributed under the Single User / individual license as per our model.

SMS API : We integrate the messaging services with your existing ERP, CRM or other applications as well as to your websites and portals. API are available for .NET, .COM, HTTP and SOAP all industry standards; hence it can be integrated with your existing application with minimal effort.