Reach a Wider Audience with Display Advertising

Display Advertising is an efficient method of online advertising; it contains text, images, logos, maps, videos and other relevant items, it convey your product or services message on your targeted audience. Display Advertising is the best way to increase your brand value and customer conversation of your business. With Display advertising you can:

  • display adsCreate all types of ads – text, image, interactive and video ads.
  • Place your ads on those websites that relevant your products or services.
  • Show ads who are really interested to see your ads.
  • 100% transparency on your campaign, budget and results.

With our Display Network advertising you can place your ads on a variety of relevant websites, and niche blogs across the web to reach more valuable customers. There are total three forms of display advertising:

Text Ads : Same text ad as on Google Search. It includes Headline, two lines of text (Maximum 35 character each) and your website URL

Image Ads : These ads let you include relevant images, customized layouts, and background colors.

Video Ads : Create an ad and embed a video that plays directly within it. Because YouTube is included on the Display Network, you can use AdWords to place your ads next to YouTube videos. Including pre-roll, post-roll and video-on-demand

Media Buying : Depending on the objective and budget we can buy across CPM, CPC, CPA and CPE

Ginger Domain provides cutting-edge display advertising service based on the Display Network.Our display advertising services not only improve the exposure of your product or services but it also diverts targeted audience to your website. That’s because your advertising campaign will be show on the most related and suitable websites to your visitors. We can deliver high quality display advertising services with the help of our methodology, it includes Create, Optimization and Management:

  • We assist to create effective advert campaign
  • We optimize every ad campaign to increase ad message which work on audience constantly
  • Every Campaign will be managed by marketing professionals, and they keep close eyes on each and every advert campaign