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₹ 2999annually
₹ 2999annually
  • 15 GB
    Data Transfer
  • Location :


₹ 4999annually
₹ 4999annually
  • 50 GB
    Data Transfer
  • Location :


₹ 7999annually
₹ 7999annually
  • 100 GB
    Data Transfer
  • Location :

Faster The Access, Better The Google Ranking

You can accelerate the delivery of your static content with the help of Ginger Domain’s CDN. The content is then delivered from the nearest POP to your site visitors immediately. To explain further, if a visitor from Indonesia accesses your website, the content that is delivered to him will be from the POP located in Indonesia. All the hosting providers are supported by us. We work with everybody, whether you are using shared hosting, VPS or dedicated servers. We can work seamlessly in spite of any complexities. So, it doesn’t matter if you are using a custom infrastructure or a simple shared hosting with any hosting company.

What is a Content Delivery Network?

A content delivery network (CDN) is an interconnected system of servers located around the world that facilitate faster, more efficient delivery of static content to your users. The use of server that is in the geographical proximity of the user makes your site more resistant to internet congestion and improves the user experience as well.

Content delivery Network

Any Static Content

Our CDN provides the content easily in a quick and reliable manner. So, the content is available regardless of the format, whether it’s a file or even a video.

Lighten the Load

You can serve more users if your existing server is freed of the burden that static content can cause over time, which in turn frees up the resources.


It is a network available globally that anyone can afford. We offer you a truly global network, setting a low barrier for entry in CDN.

Boundless Scalability

No matter what your needs, our scalable CDN will always deliver according to the changing environment.


Owing to the nodes present all around the world, your content will never be offline thanks to the stable and secure CDN hosting.

Unparalleled Support

We are here to help you in all aspects of this business. Ginger Domain pride ourselves on providing some of the best support in this industry.

Exceptional Speed

This network provides lightning-fast access of the website to your customers as it is powered by leading industrial technology.

Global Availability

Our Content Delivery Network can perform almost anywhere since there are so many servers located around the world.