SEO Company Mumbai: The Experts at your service to help

choose-seo-comany-mumbaiWhy you should choose Local SEO Companies in Mumbai

Although you may be tempted to work on your own SEO campaign, it is advisable to work with experts if you want to get the best results from it. SEO is becoming a booming industry as we move deeper into the digital age and people begin to rely more on the internet for information.

You do not have to be an expert in the SEO industry to know that India is one of the leading hubs for SEO outsourcing companies. Mumbai is seeing an increase in the number of SEO companies established in response to the growing demand for SEO services.

The SEO industry is thriving in Mumbai because there is greater demand for local SEO companies based in the city. There are several reasons why you should consider a local SEO company in Mumbai:

1. You’ll have more time to concentrate on your business

Although SEO is important for growing your business, it is not one of your primary tasks. If you concentrate on SEO and ignore other areas of your business, it is likely to fail. It is therefore important for you to put as much time and energy in your business as possible.

However, good and effective SEO requires dedication and skill. This is something that may be difficult for you if you have to focus on your primary business. It therefore makes sense to hire a local SEO company to relieve you of the burden of managing your SEO campaign as well as your business operations. This approach will help you to grow your business.

SEO Services2. Professional standards in their work

Mumbai’s SEO industry is growing rapidly with good reason. Many local and international clients appreciate the professional standards expressed by SEO companies in Mumbai. Hiring a Local SEO company in Mumbai means that you will get a professionally run SEO campaign. You will have regular updates in the form of reports. You will also have an account manager with who you can interact in case of anything.

 3. Specialist knowledge

SEO requires more specialized knowledge than many people realize. There is more to SEO than simply adding keywords to web content. There are various other aspects including link building and understanding how search engine algorithms work. Taking time to learn all these can be time consuming and tedious especially if you already have a business to think about.

Hiring a local SEO company will ensure that you have this specialized knowledge at your disposal. You can outsource your projects and let someone else worry about the changing trends in the SEO industry while you focus on your industry.

 4. Save on operational costs

Another reason why Mumbai’s SEO industry is growing so rapidly is that the local companies provide SEO services at very affordable prices. You would spend much less hiring a local SEO company in Mumbai than you would to hire a company based in another country. You therefore get high quality work without having to spend so much on it.

 5. Allows you greater scope for growth

Working with a local SEO company gives you much greater scope for growth. You do not have to worry about hiring more manpower when you need more work done. An SEO company is able to respond to your needs within a short time with no additional cost to you. You simply pay for the work done.

Future-proof SEO Strategies Suggested by Local SEO Mumbai Companies

Many inexperienced people who try to go it alone soon find out that the world of SEO is not as simple as it appears. SEO is quite dynamic. There are changes to strategies you need to make almost constantly in order to ensure that it remains effective. SEO is therefore not a one-time task. It is something that should be thought of as a long term strategy.

In the last year, search engines (in particular Google) have made various changes to how they rank websites as well as their policies. Many of the strategies you relied on in the past may not be as effective in the coming year. The following are some strategies you should incorporate in your SEO campaign to ensure that it continues to be successful.

1. Optimize for mobile

seo-agency-strategyThe digital era has brought the widespread use of mobile devices with it. Many people today use smartphones to access the internet. In fact, more people use their mobile devices to access websites than with PCs.

As a result of the increasing dependence on mobile devices, Google and other major search engines are placing a heavy emphasis on ‘mobile-friendly’ websites. Your website will receive better ranking on search engine results pages compared to other websites if you optimize it for mobile. It is therefore worth your while to ensure that you have a responsive website that offers a great user experience for mobile users.

2. Don’t ignore the other search engines

Google is currently the most popular search engine available. However, that may change in the future as contracts end and new contracts come into effect. For example, Firefox recently changed over from Google to Yahoo as its default search engine. This will have a negative impact on the popular search engine.

The war amongst search engines continues to rage on and it is now no longer clear who will emerge as the victor. Experts therefore advise websites to optimize for the major search engines including Bing and Yahoo. Avoid concentrating only on Google.

3. Stop focusing on the ranking of keywords and place more emphasis on ROI

As a business owner what would make you happier? Having a higher ranking on search engine results pages or having higher profits? Would you rather have more people visiting your websites or a greater volume of sales?

The answers to these questions are obvious. Your business will grow only if you are able to improve your profit margins. Experts therefore advice business owners to place more emphasis on return on investment (ROI) metrics. This ensures that you are getting your money’s worth from spending on SEO. It means that the SEO campaign is working to improve returns.

4. Make social media a priority

This goes without saying. Social media has taken the digital world by storm. Love it or hate it, it is here to stay and if you want your business to enjoy even more success, you need to jump onto the bandwagon.

Social media is emerging as one of the most effective marketing channels available today. People enjoy interacting with brands in a non-formal setting. Social media also offers the brands the opportunity to provide customer-service to their clients and promote their brands within targeted networks.

5. Focus on content quality

Content continues to be important for SEO and this will not change anytime soon. However, the emphasis is shifting from quantity and keywords to quality. It is now becoming even more important to provide visitors to your site with quality content.

The content does not only have to be interesting and engaging but updated frequently. Keeping your content fresh is good for ranking and building loyalty amongst your visitors.

Latest News on SEO

With all this talk about changes in SEO and how the industry is dynamic, you may be wondering what the latest trends are.

There have been various changes seen to search engine algorithms. One such change was the introduction of the Penguin 3.0 update. This was the first update made to Google’s Penguin filter in a year. The update means to target those websites considered spammy. Websites in violation of the link building guidelines set by Google will see more easy detection by the newly updated filter.

Being caught by Penguin can be devastating for a website. Unlike with other violations, you will have to wait until the next update to the algorithm in order to see if the changes you have made are in line with what Google requires. Considering it has taken Google a whole year to update to the latest version, no website owner should be willing to take this risk.

Another shakeup to SEO was the introduction of Google’s Pigeon algorithm. This algorithm aims at providing more accurate, relevant and useful local search results. Following the introduction of the update, many multi-location and large brands saw a drop in traffic to their websites. Because it was a recent introduction, many experts are still pondering the workings of the algorithm. It is especially hard to decipher as Google continues to tweak it. However, experts have discovered a few important insights.

One such insight is that Google is now treating mobile and desktop queries as one and the same. This means that the actual location of the person making the query is considered in providing search results e.g. Google will list results for businesses within a 10 or 20 mile radius from your actual location as opposed to providing results for the whole city or town. This therefore favors businesses that use locations in their business names e.g. Angie’s Pleasantville Pies.

Types of Links

One area of SEO grossly affected by the recent changes in search engine algorithms, such as the introduction of the Penguin 3.0 update, is link building. In the past, web masters would purchase links from websites or get the bulk of their links from article directories. These strategies are no longer effective and the search engines now consider them as black hat SEO. You could get penalization if discovered.

Link building tends to be one of the toughest and most involving parts of an SEO strategy. It takes time to build trusted, legitimate links. It is therefore not a wonder that many people seeking quick results resort to buying links online.

You may be tempted to give up on link building, but you simply cannot if you want to remain competitive. There are various opportunities that many people miss out on. These include:

1. Audio sharing sites

Search engines consider audio sharing websites trustworthy and authoritative. These websites are incredibly easy to create backlinks from. You only need to create a piece of audio (usually a music piece). Upload this to the site and you will get a dofollow link. This link will direct visitors back to your website. The backlinks will also help you improve your ranking on search engine results pages.

2. Get reviews from bloggers

Bloggers are constantly looking for ideas to write about. They want to keep their audiences informed. They are therefore a great source for backlinks. All you have to do is get bloggers to review your products or services. This will result in your obtaining quite a number of high quality backlinks.

3. Donate

Donating to charity is not only great for your business’ CSR but also for obtaining high quality links from trusted websites. You do not have to donate a whole lot. Many charitable organizations request websites to donate a small minimal amount to get their link on the contributor’s page.

4. Give a Testimonial

As a business owner, you understand the importance of getting testimonials from clients posted on your webpages. While getting testimonials for your own website is important, did you know that you could also benefit from giving testimonials on other websites?

If you have used a product or service by a company, consider sending a testimonial. They would be happy to post this on its website. Be sure to include a link to your website in your testimonial. This is an excellent way to get backlinks from trusted websites within your niche.

If you hire an SEO company in Mumbai, you won’t have to worry about all this. They will include these and many other hidden link opportunities in your link building strategy. You only need to sit back and watch as your website grows along with your business. Be sure to contact an SEO company in Mumbai in the early stages of your SEO campaign. This will ensure that you make the most of your online presence.