Bulk email marketing services MumbaiWho are we?

Ginger Domain is a leading online marketing service provider, with more than eight years’ experience and a vast range of proficiencies related to online marketing. Part of our services includes provision of bulk email management to organizations and businesses of all sizes and types and anywhere in the world.

As a bulk email marketing service provider Mumbai, we offer a vast array of services for your email marketing needs, including over a hundred email/newsletter templates, autoresponder setups, customer support and service on email, subscriber list growth, spam content checking and many more. Our focus is on providing you the best service by giving you 100% control over the message content and every other aspect of the campaign.

Read on to learn more about our services and how they can help your business develop meaningful relationships with potential and existing email subscribers an brand customers.

Services offered by your Bulk Mailer Mumbai

  1. Email newsletter creation and customization

Our email Editor/creator provides a range of features to help you give your customers meaningful and value-adding content with each email sent. Features include responsively designed templates, image editing and video embedding so that you can switch up your communications every once in a while. Email messages generated are optimized for access on any device, and the process is as easy as dragging and dropping to any template of your choosing.

Bulk mailer in MumbaiIn addition, you can add links from external sources as well as uploading any useful announcements, product reviews or newsletters from other online sources, such as your own website or blog or even from MS Word where you drafted it. Alternatively, you ca use FrontPage, Dreamweaver or other HTML editors to create your email newsletters and upload to your profile on Ginger Domain.

Other helpful features include email previews, test email sending and receiving subscription buttons and easy share-to-social-media and forward-to-friends options to increase the potential reach of your messages. Create personalized footers according to your brand ID and attach any files just like you would on regular mail.

  1. Improving campaign ROI and ensuring message delivery

It is one thing to draft and send an email message and quite another for that email to be read and responded to in the way you want. As a provider of bulk email marketing services in Mumbai, we understand that merely drafting a message and sending it out to thousands of subscribers is no guarantee that your business will see any results.

Any marketing campaign must be carefully engineered to ensure that the right message is delivered to the right person, guiding them on a journey to conversion into paying customers, which is the end goal. In order to facilitate this for you, Ginger Domain carries out the following services:

  • A/B Split testing – you can create up to 5 email/subject line variations in order to determine which is most effective. Our company builds a test audience, oversees the testing and analysis and then sends out the best performing email – and you can set it up in just minutes
  • Bulk email marketing services in MumbaiDouble opt-ins – this is useful for your opt-in feature on your website, and it will generate an automatic ‘confirm subscription’ email when a site visitor opts in to your email newsletter list.
  • SPAM Compliance – use of double-opt-in techniques fosters permission-based bulk email marketing, and reduces your chances of ending up in users’ spam folders. In addition, we have robust feedback loops to track emails and alter the campaign to follow best practices and set regulations
  • Subscription forms – if your site has no subscription form, we can customize code to help you embed the form in your website as well as creating a pop-up or light-box email opt-in message for your site. You can select your own contact details, including validation criteria for required fields according to your own business strategy.
  • Subscriber profile management – allow your subscribers to make changes to their names, email addresses and any other details provided on the contact form by making the fields editable. Choose how people can unsubscribe from your mailing list and manage your own subscriber lists in order to create personalized mailing experiences that are more effective.
  • Security – Ginger Domain ensures secure email communication between you and your audience, and protects information about your subscribers with industry-recommended security systems. Our servers and data centers are protected from unauthorized access with multiple security layers, including 100% uptime assurance.

Through our dedicated team of professionals, we guarantee that our bulk mailer Mumbai subscribers have access to round-the-clock support services, both for you and for your subscribers’ queries. In addition, we have adequate provisions to ensure seamless scalability as your mailing list grows

  1. Campaign Tracking, monitoring and reporting

Finally, Ginger Domain implements some of the most advanced monitoring and reporting functionalities available today. You can get up-to-date and accurate reports on your email campaign status, including graphical representations to help you understand statistics and track trends to help improve future messages.

Bulk mailer MumbaiOur reports offer a high-level assessment of your campaign performance including details on individual recipients and their behavior after receiving messages. With our bulk email marketing services in Mumbai, you can effectively monitor your opens, reads, response/click-through rates and unsubscribe stats, and use them to improve your campaign.

A few reports available include:

  • Full activity reports – includes details on the emails sent delivered, read, responded to and a brief analysis on those which were not, including individual emails for better tracking
  • Send activity reports – list of addresses added to and removed from your list, hard bounces, opens and link click-throughs
  • List activity reports – list of new subscriptions and unsubscribers, recipients that have and haven’t opened the emails and opt-ins that have not confirmed subscriptions
  • Click tracking – number of click-throughs for links, breakdown for links and who clicked on which link (email addresses)
  • Delivery tracking – number of emails sent and delivered and reason for non-delivery e.g. bad address, spammed or full inboxes. Includes
  • Period open rates – reveals open rates and other statistics over weeks, months and other periods relevant for your goal tracking.