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The Twitter retweet is perhaps one of the most important ways to gain popularity on Twitter. The retweet spreads your name and message through word of mouth—known by all as the most effective marketing tool—with little or no effort on your part. Most people are more willing to trust the promotion of a product from someone they know and trust, so retweets are more successful at increasing your popularity than your tweets by themselves.

Furthermore, the more retweets individual tweets or whole accounts receive, the more likely those tweets and accounts are to become featured by Twitter or other trendy websites to receive the most visibility. Several retweet rankings exist online, putting in order the most popular tweets of the day or week. These rankings increase the likelihood of Twitter accounts showing up in search engines, meaning even more visibility for your account! Ultimately, increased visibility and more followers allows you to build the ideal community and relationships for you, and the retweet is instrumental in doing this. The more you buy twitter retweets the more exposure you get.

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Twitter continues to gain popularity, with tens of thousands of new accounts for individuals and businesses being created daily. As a rapidly growing social media network, Twitter is invaluable in creating an online presence and marketing strategy. So after you have your account set up—you have uploaded a picture and written a biography, and you have produced your first tweets—what is the next step to gaining followers and notoriety on Twitter? You need fellow Twitter users to retweet your content of course! Getting started with Twitter retweets can be tough; but with powertango, it’s easy!

Put simply, a retweet is another Twitter user broadcasting your tweet to his or her followers by copying the text of the tweet and posting it on his or her account page. The original poster of the tweet is always included in a proper retweet, so users are able to appreciate the true creator. This is useful because it allows Twitter users who are unfamiliar with your account to first see the benefits of following you and then encourages those new users to visit your account page and become followers themselves.