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Kickstart Your Google + 1’s For Business, Brand & Personal Web Pages


Ginger Doamin can get your Google +1 pages and sites in front of other Google + users that are legitimately interested in your business, brand or art. We can help you push thousands of Google +1’s and get viral momentum on your content as well as give you some much needed organic search juice.

Plus 1 is Google’s way of recommending sites to friends in search results, ads and on websites. But who can say it better than Google themselves? Watch the video for their take on what exactly Plus 1 is.

Why should I buy Google Plus Ones ?

+1 may not be something that can potentially make your content go viral. However, it can surely increase your ranking from the SEO point of view. It is rumored to be the highest ranking factor when it comes to ranking pages as compared to traditional backlinks. That is why; gaining +1’s has become a top requirement for everyone, making its way into the marketing strategies of many companies. Ginger Domain can help you in your +1 campaign which involves real votes to your page.

You can send Google + to any of these types of pages

  • Wordpress Blog

  • YouTube Videos

  • Shopping Cart Products

  • Forum Posts

  • ReverbNation Pages

  • Fiverr Gigs